Inauguration of Millcreek


Mayor Jeff Silvestrini, Silvia Catten (D1), Dwight Marchant (D2), Cheri Jackson (D3), and Bev Uipi (D4) — Millcreek’s newly-inaugurated leaders.


More than six hundred Millcreek residents, dignitaries, friends, and families came out the evening of January 3, 2017, to celebrate the birth of our new city. Local schools and community groups provided musical entertainment, and many local businesses contributed the best pastries in the valley — yum!

Our brand new city officials were sworn into office that evening.  Thank you Mayor Jeff Silvestrini, Silvia Catten (D1), Dwight Marchant (D2), Cheri Jackson (D3), Bev Uipi (D4), for all of the work you’ve been putting in since the election, and particularly over the holidays, to help get Millcreek up and running.

Many thanks to the generous contributions of local businesses and residents, who fully funded the party. Please recognize our local businesses by patronizing their stores and services! (Here is complete list of contributors with addresses).

Shout-outs also to Wasatch Jr. High School, the Millcreek Arts Council, the Skyline Madrigals, James E. Moss Elementary Choir, Millcreek Elementary Strings, Canyon Rim Neighborhood Strings, Flint and Steel, the Utah Tongan Community Singers, the Unified Fire Authority, the Unified Police Department, the Grant Stake 11-year-old Scout Patrol, Kerri Cronk, Fred Healey, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, and all of the volunteers who helped set up, run, and take down the event.

As Mayor Silvestrini said in his remarks at the ceremony, “Millcreek is just an awesome place to live in.” Click here for the video of Millcreek that we showed that night.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration of Millcreek”

  1. It was a great night. Everything was perfect and food was delicious. Thanks to all for putting it together and contributing.

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