MILLCREEK. The north and east boundaries of our city are at high risk for wildland urban interface fires. A large section of our north boundary is the Parleys Nature Park. Our east boundary is Forest Service property. Fires in these brush/grass covered and gamble oak/pine-tree forested areas could be devastating to Millcreek residents.

firewords damaged trashcan

Click on this map to see the level of threat to our neighborhoods. (Use the zoom rather than the search feature). On Thursday, June 30th, illegal fireworks above Wasatch Blvd. caused a one-acre brush fire. We were fortunate the UFA was able to extinguish it before it got larger.

The UFA has prohibited the use of ground-based and aerial fireworks in many parts of Millcreek. This is a map that shows areas in Salt Lake County where UFA has prohibited fireworks.  Use the zoom to see Millcreek up close.

As you’ll see, in addition to anywhere east of Wasatch Blvd., fireworks are prohibited in many areas below the Boulevard, and near Parleys Nature Park.

In those areas within Millcreek where fireworks are allowed, use your brain and extreme caution. The UFA’s safety tips can be found here. One hint – don’t create a fire hazard by putting smoldering fireworks or embers from BBQs into your trash can. And if winds are high, don’t set off any fireworks at all. For more complete information about dates and times that fireworks are legal, click here. (Note that state law prevents local governments from imposing greater restrictions.)

AND PLEASE REMEMBER: No fireworks after 11 PM.  Except on the 4th of July, you can enjoy them until midnight. Stay legal, and be kind to your neighbors!