The Dumpsters Are Coming

MILLCREEK.  Millcreek residents have long enjoyed the annual dumpster clean-up. In the past, it was July when the Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District (WFWRD) delivered dumpsters to curbs in most of our neighborhoods

This year, dumpster deliveries will take place August 29th through September 29th.

Click here to see the dates when WFWRD comes to your neighborhood. You can also call WFWRD at 385-468-6325. It’s still a bit early, so you may have to check back with them in a few weeks.

If you simply cannot wait, you may be eligible to rent a dumpster from WFWRD. They’ll deliver one directly to your driveway. Get your neighbors to join and be the first neighborhood to be waste-free! Click here to see the details.