Ham radio classes starting

Ever wondered about becoming an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham)? Did you think it was too hard to learn all that technical stuff? Don’t think you can learn the Morse Code? Ever been in an area that there was no cellphone coverage and needed to contact somebody or perhaps a family member? Do you like to serve others in times of emergency or even just for fun in a public service event? If you answered yes to at least one of the preceding questions, then this might be for you.

Here are some details about the class, prerequisites, testing, and the hobby.

Where: The class will be held in Fire Station #101 at 790 East 3900 South

When: Thursday evenings for 7-8 weeks, not counting holidays, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm beginning the middle of November. The last session will be the licensing exam.

How much: The class is free however the study guide is $26.00 and can be obtained from Dave Christensen and the examination fee is $15.00 and is due when you take the test.

In the class, we will discuss what radio equipment you might want to purchase for your personal use.

How hard: Pre-teen, youth, and seasoned citizens all successfully complete the test. I know of 10 year old children that have licensed.

Prerequisites: None. Just come interested, bring questions, and be willing to study on your own a bit.

Morse Code: This requirement was eliminated almost 10 years ago. No need to learn Morse Code unless you want to.

What is Ham Radio: this is a very broad hobby that covers everything from voice communication, digital communication over radio, television, satellite relay, weather tracking, public service, search and rescue, vehicle/person tracking, bouncing signals off the moon, experimentation, antenna and radio construction, and much more.

So how do I sign up: Email Dave Christensen and supply your name, phone number, email address (if you have one). If you want a study guide, let him know and you can arrange a check for $26.00. Once we have an idea of how many in our area are interested the manuals can be ordered and we can firm up the class start date.

Questions: Contact Dave Christensen at