Election Season is Upon Us

MILLCREEK. This month, all Millcreek voters will be receiving a vote-by-mail ballot in the mail. The general election is November 7th. Your mail-in ballot must be postmarked by November 6th.

All Millcreek voters are being asked by the Granite School District to vote to approve a bond to improve our schools. As the district describes the problem: “Nearly half of all Granite schools require updates, remodels and repairs to more than 75% of their building. Nearly half of all Granite schools are more than 50 years old. Along with structural needs, security and seismic upgrades are needed for most schools in the district.”

The district has a 40-year plan to raise capital. The vote this year is to approve the first step — a 10-year $238 million bond. You can find more information by clicking here.

In addition to the bond issue, residents of Districts 2 and 4 will choose their representatives on the City Council. This is a repeat of last year’s election, in which Councilmembers Dwight Marchant, District 2, and Bev Uipi, District 4,  were both elected to one year terms. We are required by law to get our new city’s elected officials on four-year staggered terms. Thus, the District 2 and District 4 candidates who win this November’s election will be on the City Council for four years.

District 2’s race is a rematch between Dwight Marchant and Dwayne Vance. You can find their bios and contact information below. Dwight’s website is www.I-Like-Dwight.org. Dwayne’s is www.vancelawutah.com. Their recent debate was live-streamed on Millcreek’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MillcreekCity/.

Bev Uipi is the sole candidate for District 4. You can find more information about her at www.Bev4Millcreek.com.

Before October 31st, you can register to vote at www.vote.utah.gov. (You’ll need a driver’s license or state ID card.) You can update your voter registration by calling 385-468-8683 or emailing gotvote@SLCO. org

ELECTION DAY IS NOVEMBER 7th.  Click here for general election information.