Our Planning Commission and Community Councils Play Important Roles

MILLCREEK. If you were familiar before incorporation with Millcreek’s community councils and the Planning Commission, you may have wondered whether they are still operating now that we are a city. You may wonder about their current roles.

These organizations are, indeed, still in operation, and they still perform valuable roles in our community.

PLANNING COMMISSION. State law requires that every city and township have its own Planning Commission. Ours is comprised of seven regular members, and two alternates. Each member is is a volunteer Millcreek resident. Each appointed shortly after incorporation by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of Millcreek City Council. Our current Commissioners come from a broad geographical spectrum of Millcreek.

The Planning Commission’s role is defined by state and city law, but in general, it reviews applications that landowners make to the City to use their property in certain ways. For example, in the commercial zones in the Meadowbrook area, the Commission can consider and then grant or deny a request to exceed regular building height limits. Ord. 17-32.030. It can impose conditions on some types of applications to mitigate the detrimental effects (such as graffiti or safety to pedestrians) that will likely occur because of the land use request. Ord. 19.84.060. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council for such things as requests to change zoning or to make changes to the General Plan. Ord. 19.50.030.

You can contact the Planning Commission at Millcreek’s offices at 3330 South 1300 East, Millcreek, UT 84106, or by email to Deputy City Recorder Alexandra Muller,

COMMUNITY COUNCILS. Before the Planning Commission hears any land use request, the applicant must first appear before the local community council.  This is the first opportunity the public has to weigh in on such requests. After their initial public hearings, the community councils make recommendations on the applications to the Planning Commission.

The community councils were initially formed decades ago to provide public input on land use applications, but also to inform and advise the Salt Lake County Council on neighborhood needs and concerns. Many a speed bump, street sign, or sidewalk repair in our City came about because a citizen asked their community council for assistance. Post-incorporation, the community councils will continue to perform that function for the Millcreek City Council, and to help gather public input into various decisions.

Millcreek has four community councils. Click on the links below for more information about them, when they meet, and their contact information:

  • Canyon Rim Citizens Association (CRCA),
  • East Mill Creek Community Council (EMCCC)
  • Millcreek Community Council (MCC)
  • Mt. Olympus Community Council (MOCC).

Here are maps of the community council districts. (Note that City Council districts were drawn based on population distribution just after the incorporation vote in 2015, and they are not co-extensive with or the same as the community councils’ boundaries.)

East Mill Creek Community Council map

MOCC map

Check out your local community council, and attend a meeting or two.
You may learn a lot about where you live!