Assert or Lose Your Rights to Irrigation, Well, Stream or Spring Water

MILLCREEK.  In a recently published newsletter story, we explained that the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was going to require residents within the boundary of the Parleys Creek Subdivision to prove any rights that they might claim in irrigation water. The requirement will actually affect more Millcreek residents and is broader than our original report.

The Utah State Engineer is required by law to maintain a complete and accurate record of water rights claimed by Utah citizens. That includes claims to irrigation water, as well as water in wells, springs, and streams. It does NOT include water you receive from a service connection to a public utility, like SLC Public Utilities.

The Engineer has been working on water rights in the Parleys Creek drainage and will soon be addressing those located in the Mill Creek drainage. Residents who live in those drainage areas have already or will be receiving a notice from the DNR. This notice comes in the form of a Summons that advises property owners of litigation filed by the State of Utah to determine water rights. The notice is part of a State adjudication process that involves reviewing these potential water rights, and then “cleaning up” claims on water to ensure State records are accurate. Anyone who claims they have water rights must participate if they want to keep them.

Contact the Division of Water Rights at 801-538-7240 to learn about any water rights that could be associated with your property.

For those not seeking any claims, no action is needed. (Remember, water service connections to a public utility are not affected).

Residents will receive mailings including detailed instructions on how and when to file a water rights claim. A response is only necessary if you wish to assert or maintain water rights.

For more about the adjudication process, click here or contact Assistant State Engineer Blake Bingham at 801-538-7345.

“The water rights adjudication process helps to bring order and certainty to the water rights record throughout the state by defining existing rights, quantifying unknown rights, and removing unused and abandoned rights from the record through judicial decree.”
– Utah Division of Water Rights