Feedback on March Big Ideas Workshops

Millcreek is halfway through the exciting process to create the City’s first General Plan.  The General Plan is a policy document required by Utah law that provides long-range guidance for land use, development, transportation, open space conservation, affordable housing, economic development, community services and other topics. One of the goals of the General Plan is to prepare for potential growth within our City. This includes ensuring future growth keeps pace with infrastructure, promoting sustainability, encouraging physical health, and supporting economic development in our community. The Millcreek General Plan, titled Millcreek Together, will serve as the City’s blueprint for future growth and decision-making.

Timeline for Millcreek's General Plan Visioning Process

Your feedback…

Over the course of the last several months, we have had a chance to engage with many of you in person, via email, and in response to the online community surveys. Thank you for your ongoing participation in this process!

Based on your feedback, we prepared a series of big ideas and key choices for the future of Millcreek that were presented at three Big Ideas Workshops in March 2018. Over 100 Millcreek residents representing a cross-section of the community participated in these workshops. Working in small groups, participants gave feedback to the proposed big ideas, answered key questions, and offered ideas of their own. Significant themes and conversations included:

  • Housing: The discussion was focused on the idea of incorporating Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) and tiny homes into already existing neighborhoods. Most agreed that potential ADU’s and tiny homes would need to be regulated to limit square footage, placement (in basements, backyards, or on top of garages), height (one-two stories), and that mobile homes should not count as an example of either housing type and that street parking is important to consider. We also heard that higher density housing could be supported in appropriate locations where transportation, shopping, and recreation opportunities exist nearby. Most agreed that affordability of Millcreek housing is decreasing.
  • Economy: Conversation focused on proposed gathering areas/centers that would create a sense of place and identity for Millcreek. Those in attendance voiced their desires for places like plazas, gathering spots, walkable streets, community branding, urban design codes, and mixed-use developments.
  • Transportation and Mobility: Recurring ideas included burying utility infrastructure and reducing signage along 3300 South, as well as approaches to traffic calming and streetscape improvements to visually slow traffic. Other ideas included incorporating bike parking at proposed gathering areas and centers, provide more protected and painted bike paths on the east-west corridors, and supporting a GREENbike (rental bikes) extension to the Meadowbrook area.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Ideas included supporting community gardens in the Sunnyvale and Meadowbrook neighborhoods where access to healthy food is difficult since few grocery stores exist nearby. In regards to new green space expansion, participants also agreed that pocket parks built on vacant lots would be the best route to increasing the available acreage of open space within the City since most of Millcreek is already built out.

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry! There is still time to get your feedback. Participate in one of our online surveys (link below) or download the workshop workbook on the project website.

What’s next?

Step 1: Take a survey! Now through April 16th take one of three surveys on big ideas and key choices here:

Step 2: Review the Community Vision! You can review the draft Community Vision document and provide your comments on the project website. The Community Vision Document will serve as the first chapter of the Plan, so getting your review is critical before the draft is produced.

Step 3: Mark your calendars! The draft plan will be ready for public review in late summer. Keep an eye out for exact review dates.