Calling all photographers

A new City website is in the works and we need YOUR help! We are looking to use your pictures of Millcreek. What parts of our great city do you want to show off to the world?

• People & Activities (no minors without parental consent)
• Parks
• Landscapes & Cityscapes
• Culture & Art
• Nature & Animals

• Images should be at least 2200 pixels wide (or 1 MB in size)
• Photos should be in raw format – uncropped and unedited, unless by a professional photographer.
• Photos must be:
– File Types: JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG
– Resolution: 72 dpi or higher
– Color Mode: RGB or CMYK

By sending photos to, you agree to the terms below.

Disclosure on Notice/Advertisement
Millcreek (“City”) is soliciting photos of scenes in the City. By submitting photos, I represent to the City that I created the photos and own the copyrights to reproduce the photos and I have the unfettered right to sell, assign, and transfer such rights. I hereby irrevocably assign and transfer to the City any and all rights (copyright or any other property right owned or controlled by me under law now or later in force and effect in the United States of America or any other country or countries) to use and reproduce images depicted on the photos and irrevocably grant permission to the City or its successors the right to use, publish, reproduce the photos, photographic likeness, and/or digital images. I further grant permission for these images to be displayed and used on the City website, Internet, publications, and other media.

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