Millcreek offering discounted rainbarrels

MILLCREEK. You may remember from news stories a few years ago that the state was prohibiting private property owners from collecting and using rainwater. Thankfully, particularly because of this year’s poor snowpack, that has changed. It is now legal for homeowners to “directly capture and store precipitation” in order to put it “to beneficial use” on their property.

Rainwater harvesting, as the practice is known, not only reduces demand on potable water supplies, it can also help to reduce water pollution. Runoff from our lawns, sidewalks, and streets often contains insecticides, animal waste, oil, and the like. Those pollutants are washed into storm sewers, which dump directly into our streams and rivers. Thus, rainwater that is harvested and used in our gardens does not become polluted stormwater.

To help save water and prevent pollution, Millcreek has partnered with the Utah Rivers Council to make a limited supply of discounted rain barrels available to our residents.

From now until June 3rd at 11 PM, you can order a maximum of two rain barrels per household for $50 each (retail price is $129).  There are 200 available to Millcreek residents, but 200 more are available for Salt Lake County residents (you qualify if you live in Millcreek). You (or a friend or neighbor) will be able to pick up your rain barrel from City Hall on June 9th. Click here for more information from the Utah Rivers Council.

Just as a side note, the barrels are equipped with screens to prevent debris and mosquitoes from entering them. Also, if you haven’t thought about how you might use a rain barrel in your own garden, click here for a video showing a home garden drip system that is gravity-fed by a rain barrel.

Click here for Channel 4’s story on the Millcreek / Salt Lake County rain barrel partnership with the Utah Rivers Council. Click here for the D News story.

rain barrel utah rivers council

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