Community Reinvestment Agency Agendas/Minutes


The City Council serves as the Community Reinvestment Agency Board.

2018 Meeting Schedule


10-22-18 CRA Agenda – Cancelled
10-08-18 CRA Agenda – Cancelled
09-24-18 CRA Agenda – Cancelled
09-10-18 CRA Agenda – Cancelled
08-27-18 CRA Agenda – Cancelled
08-13-18 CRA Agenda
07-26-18 CRA AgendaMinutes
07-23-18 CRA Agenda – Cancelled
07-09-18 CRA Agenda / Minutes
06-25-18 CRA Agenda
– Cancelled
06-11-18 CRA Agenda
– Cancelled
05-29-18 CRA Agenda
 – Cancelled
05-14-18 CRA AgendaMinutes


CRA Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures

Canyon Rim
Canyon Rim Commons Draft Plan
Draft Canyon Rim Commons Budget Document
Canyon Rim CRA Budget

Millcreek Center
Millcreek Center CRA FAQ
Millcreek Center Draft Plan
Draft Millcreek Center Budget Document

Millcreek Center CRA Budget
Blight Written Report
Blight Parcel by Parcel

Olympus Hills
Olympus Hills Draft Plan
Draft Olympus Hills Budget Document
Olympus Hills CRA Budget

Taxing Entity Committee

The Taxing Entity is comprised of two representatives from the Granite School Board, Salt Lake County, City of Millcreek, one representative from the State Board of Education, and one representative representing the remaining local taxing entities.

2018-19 Meeting Schedule


10-25-18 TEC AgendaPacket